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Buying A Home Through An Executive Lease Purchase
The short videos below & on the About Us page show how this can work for you! We discuss “The 5 Factors” we use to qualify our buyers. We are in the people business & enjoy every opportunity to educate buyers on how they can own their dream home without having to qualify for a mortgage today. Ask us about the many options to help with the down payment to own a home today! 

When you have the ability to buy a home but need time to qualify for a mortgage due to the newer stringent rules, why shouldn't you be able to move in today? Self-employed, a new job, a divorce, a credit hiccup, a bankruptcy, or another barrier shouldn't stop you from moving in to your OWN home 6 to 18 months BEFORE you qualify? Get your children into great schools or into a good neighborhood while you take the needed steps to get approved through a blueprint we provide? 

We will not only get you into your new home via our Executive Lease Purchase program (Rent to Own) we will put you on the path to qualify. We help provide a "bridge" to permanent financing while you make monthly payments until you are able to secure your financing. 5-10% down can put you in a home TODAY!

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At Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Whether you are looking to buy, to sell, or to refer, we are ready to work with you to help people reach their home ownership dreams.
Selling Your Home? Want $10K to $20,000+ More?
Thanks to the ‘mortgage meltdown’ and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage today can be very difficult. Statistically, almost 80% of our population cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan. And not everyone can plunk down 20% to 30% cash to buy.

Well-qualified buyers are turned down for their end financing all of the time, and seemingly iron-clad offers fall through last minute over and over due to financing more than any reason. Seasoning requirements are often measured in years not months. Needless to say, selling a home in today’s market can be quite challenging.

At Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC we show you how to make above and beyond asking price w/out paying a commission. We have developed a proprietary exit strategy for you that can sell your home fast, typically at a close to full retail value, all at a fraction of the cost (and time) of using a conventional sales routine; by letting us buy your home from you direct!

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PAID Referrals: Agents, Brokers, Anyone: Referring Others? 
For any buyer referrals, receive $1000 when they buyer moves in before October 1, 2016. For any seller referrals, receive $1000 when they buyer moves in (all year)!
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Disclaimer: We are Not certified financial advisors, securities brokers, stock brokers, Realtors, real estate brokers, attorneys or accountants We are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional opinions. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. All due diligence is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.

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Looking for additional income or ways to get your business in front of more people? Work with us and we will show you how!
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